28 de mayo de 2013

NBA: LeBron podrìa jugar de Quarterback en la NFL

Joe Theismann thinks LeBron James could play quarterback in the NFL
By Ben Chew / 27 May 2013        
Back in high school, Miami Heat star LeBron James played wide receiver at St. Vincent/St. Mary’s and some football scouts thought that he could become one of the most talented wide receivers in college football if he stuck to the gain.
Now, former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann thinks that LeBron one day could play quarterback in the National Football League.
In a phone interview with Fox Sports Florida, Joe stated that he would love to mentor LeBron as a quarterback and possibly be his agent:
“I would love to work him out and also serve as his agent,” Theismann said in a phone interview Saturday with FOX Sports Florida. “I’ll go wherever he wants this summer. He could play another four years in the NBA before seriously trying the NFL. … There are not a lot of 38- or 39-year-old basketball players, but there are 38- and 39-year-old quarterbacks, so there’s always time for him.”
Later in the interview, Theismann commented that LeBron not only has the physical attributes to be a successful quarterback in the NFL but also the mind for the game:
“I wouldn’t count him out. He’s the most tremendous physical specimen in all of sports,” Theismann said about the 6-foot-8, 250-pound James. “I think he’s certainly talented enough. He’s intelligent. He’s like the quarterback on the Miami Heat, but there are so many things (to being an NFL quarterback).

“There’s reading defenses. There’s throwing the ball with touch. There’s throwing a spiral in the wind. Maybe his hands are too big. The football is a different shape, and a basketball is obviously a lot bigger than a football.”

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